Protecting Driver and Cargo

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Video recording and remote monitoring through the use of cameras has become a popular approach for enhancing visibility and security for cargo transport.  However, this massive movement of goods is not without its challenges, including theft, loss, and damage to goods in transit

Real-time Monitoring: Cameras can provide real-time monitoring of the movement of cargo, allowing shipping companies to monitor their cargo from a remote location. This can help to detect any unusual activity and ensure that the cargo is being handled properly

Evidence Collection: In the event of accident, theft or damage, video footage can be used as evidence to support insurance claims and investigations. The footage can also be used to identify the culprits and improve security measures in the future

Deterrent Effect: The presence of cameras can serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves and prevent theft and damage to goods in transit

Improved Process Efficiency: By monitoring the movement of cargo in real-time, shipping companies can identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies in their supply chain and make improvements. This can help to optimize the overall supply chain and reduce costs

Increased Transparency: Video surveillance can provide increased transparency in the supply chain and improve operation


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  • 8 CH 1080 HD DVR
  • Built-in 4G Cellular
  • GPS – Location / Speed 
  • Up to 1TB SD card storage 
  • VentraCloud remote service


  • Dual 720P weatherproof camera
  • Miniature rugged DVR 
  • Built-in WiFi for APP viewing
  • Optional GPS – location / speed 
  • VentraCloud Remote Service