school bus

Ensuring the safety and well-being of students during their school commute is a top priority for parents, school administrators, and bus drivers

Implementing camera systems on school buses is an essential step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of students

Cameras could deter bad behavior, such as bullying, fighting or vandalism

Video footage provide documentation in the event of an incident

Monitor student behavior and ensure all safety procedures are being followed

Record drivers for stop arm violation

Verify ridership and utilization

Peace of mind for parents

Ventra video systems on school bus can improve overall transportation operations by allowing administrators to analyze routes, schedules, and driver behavior and identify areas for improvement to enhance overall safety and efficiency.




  • 8 CH 1080 HD DVR
  • Built-in 4G Cellular
  • GPS – Location / Speed 
  • Up to 1TB SD card storage 
  • VentraCloud remote service


  • 5 CH 1080P HD DVR 
  • GPS – Location / Speed 
  • Up to 256GB SD card storage
  • Rugged solid state design
  • Vandal resistant lock