Make the journey safer

From driver and passenger safety inside the bus to monitoring activity around the vehicle, Pro-Vision has a mobile video solution to fit your needs.

Protect Your Drivers

Record what is happening in and around the bus and make the ride safer with mobile video solutions from Pro-Vision. Interior cameras, along with exterior side and rear cameras, keep your driver informed and can help reduce accidents, while also protecting your drivers – and your company – from false claims. 

Keep Your Passengers Safe

Just the mere presence of a mobile video camera could deter passenger vandalism, driver harassment or other unruly behavior. Likewise, the presence of cameras helps keep your drivers on their best behavior. Pro-Vision mobile video solutions are a reliable, cost-effective way to monitor in-vehicle activity and ensure the safety of your drivers and their passengers.

Reduce Accidents

With their superior quality and reliability, Pro-Vision video systems help reduce the chance of accidents. Our extensive lineup of interior and exterior cameras includes an optional HD backup camera that provides a view on a monitor, while simultaneously recording video to the DVR – all through one integrated system – to increase safety around the bus.